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Великий Устюг

History and role of terrestrial Reptiloids

             Koot Hoomi is one of the Mahatmas that inspired the founding of the Theosophical Society formed in 1875 by Russian esoteric philosopher Helena Blavatsky.  “World Channeling” No.5 (2012) published an article of Koot Hoomi on the history of Reptiloids.  Today they have different names: lizard people, reptilian humanoids, saurians, Draconians, etc.  They are described as humanoid with human bodies but snakeheads.  For simplicity reason, hereafter they will be called the Reptiloids.  They are a part od the so called Restraint Forces.

            The Reptiloids were born on Earth. Three million years ago this race became cosmic and part of them went on a journey to other star systems.  Unfortunately, they took the path of the conquerors, but after conquering many planets, they could not hold on to any of them. The exhausted and embittered Reptiloids returned to Earth and became part of the Game, which began more than 11,000 years ago, when four space-time continuums were combined into one.

            In 9012 BCE on the planet there was a terrible catastrophe, the Great Flood.  However, the water flooded only Europe and some islands of the Mediterranean Sea, destroying all life.

            After the Great Flood ended, a new and completely different life began.  As a result of combining four space-time continuums into one, intelligent beings from other worlds came to this world: elves, gnomes, trolls, etc.  Later, in 8848 BCE, white-skinned people from Africa moved to Europe.  One day, dragons appeared in the skies over Europe and captured the best areas in the center of Europe. In 7790 BCE, the Atlanteans from the islands of the Mediterranean invaded Europe.  They were the province of the lost empire of Atlantis, but had nothing to do with the once-peaceful race.  Their military power forced the dragons to unite with humans, elves, dwarves and other creatures.  After fierce battles, the Mediterranean Atlanteans retreated to Crete.

            The next challenge was the race of Reptiloids, the story of which began this section. They appeared in Europe in 7709 BCE, and their vampirism and aggressiveness did not yield to any explanation.  First they completely destroyed the Mediterranean race of the Atlanteans, later invaded Europe and conquered the whole continent, establishing a real tyranny.

            In 6132 BCE, the troops of the African Atlanteans (future hyperboreans) invaded Europe.  In this race were red and white people, as well as mestizos.  They were not at all like the white people who came to Europe from Africa before.  They were descendants of those who lived in the African provinces of the Atlantic Empire (Atlantis).  The weapons of the African Atlanteans were superior to the weapons of Reptiloids.  As a result, the Reptiloids were defeated and forced to flee to another world, there was no free space on the surface of the planet for them.  At that time, the Earth was very densely populated by creatures that came here from different dimensions, and each race fought for its territory.  Discovering their new abilities, Reptiloids not only moved to another world, they moved to a special part of the space-time continuum, from which they began to telepathically influence people living on Earth.  Thus, spiritual slavery was established in which the Reptiloids from their dimension began to unseenly dictate their will to people and other beings whose minds they penetrated.  The aim of the Reptiloids was to incite in the hearts of all beings vampirism, selfishness, racial rejection, etc.  New wars broke out, unjustified cruelty engendered chaos.  A large number of races died out.  Stronger than others were people who began to rule the world, considering themselves the real masters of the planet.  In fact, they were manipulated by the Reptiloids hiding behind the veil of another world.  Time passed and they became invisible masters of the behavior of most people.  The Reptiloids also became inseparable from them and fell into a trap.  It is possible for them to get out of it, but only by healing their relationships with people.  This and the role of the Reptiloids in the Great Experiment are described below by Kryon.

            The “World Chaneling” No.5 (2012) published an article of Kryon explaining that the reason why the Reptiloids were invited to the Great Experiment was the need to block the higher chakras of people for their further immersion in Matter.  This task faced the authors of the Great Experiment for 11,000 years.  “Veil” and the lack of free access to spiritual information from the higher spheres, made it possible to make freedom of choice almost absolute.

            The density of the “Veil” could be created in two ways: completely remove the physical organs in the peoples’ head responsible for communication with the Higher Chakras, or find a way to temporarily block these chakras that connect people with the Spiritual world.  The difficulty of removal was that after the beginning of the ascension process from Matter (i.e. in our time), some bodies would have to be restored, or to seek a fundamentally different way of being able to unite with the Spiritual world.  Both methods were associated with enormous difficulties and required considerable time, and it was limited.  Therefore, the Reptiloids were “invited”.  They had lost positive emotions and love.  They began from other dimensions, in which they found themselves, to influence telepathically and in other ways on people.  Influence on the lower energy centers of people incited hatred and aggression in their hearts, thereby blocking the Higher Chakras and the connection with the Spiritual world.  On the other hand, the Reptiloids themselves were given an opportunity to heal their own race, which caused so much evil.  After spending over eight thousand years in their isolated world, they began to change.  They began to experience spiritual suffering and pain of conscience; they have children who change the paradigm of their parents and their world, which has reached a dead end.

            Kryon notes that people and intelligent Reptiloids are destined to rise together from Matter. Due to the negative influence of the Reptiloids there was no need to remove the pineal gland that connects people with the Cosmos and their own spiritual origin.  With gratitude, now people can help the once extremely malicious and aggressive Reptiloids in their return (ascent) into the spiritual world.  This is how the creators of the new worlds do, which is humanity agreed to the Great Experiment.

            In the end, the Ancient Greek term “sauros” meaning “lizard or reptile” and used in the word Dinosaur, has UR in it.  Near Moscow there is settlement named Saurovo.